What Everyone Should Know About Septic Tank Systems

If you are like most people, you know very little about your septic tank systems. This is understandable! In urban and suburban areas there are sewers to carry household waste to municipal wastewater treatment plants. In more rural areas, however, septic tank systems provide the functions of both sewers and treatment plants. All household waste is disposed of through the septic system. The proper operation of the septic system is essential to health, property value and the ecology.

Cut away view of your total septic system
Helpful hints for maintaining your sewage system
Cross section of a healthy septic tank
Cross section of a contaminated septic tank
Locating your tank and lines
When a simple septic tank pumping just won't do - more complex problems

Cut Away View of Your Total Septic System

Cut Away View of Your Total Septic System

Helpful Hints for Maintaining your Sewage System

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  • We are fully licensed and insured

  • We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff

  • We provide fast and friendly service

  • We offer equal monthly billing on holding tanks

  • We have five decades of experience

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  • We offer a three-point septic inspection for pumping and confidential service

  • We offer several products for waste and grease removal

  • We are a member of OASIS, Ontario association sewage industry

Following these hints will help to ensure a long-lasting sewage system, avoid expensive repairs or replacements, protect public health and protect the environment.

Cross Section of a Healthy Septic Tank

Healthy septic tank diagram

Organic solid material floats to the surface and forms a layer of what is commonly called "scum". Bacteria in the septic tank biologically convert this material to liquid. Inorganic or inert solid materials and the by-products of bacterial digestion sink to the bottom of the tank and form a layer commonly called "sludge".

Only fairly clear water should exist between the scum and sludge layers. It is this clear water, and only this clear water, that should overflow in the soil absorption area.

Cross Section of a Contaminated Septic Tank

Contaminated septic tank diagram

Solid material overflowing into the soil absorption area should be avoided at all costs. It is this overflow of solids that clogs soil pores and causes septic systems to fail. Two main factors cause solid material to build up enough to overflow: bacterial deficiency and lack of sludge removal.

Bacteria must be present in the septic tank to digest the organic solids. Normal household waste provides enough bacteria to digest the solid unless any harm is done to the bacteria. Bacteria are very sensitive to environmental changes. Many every day home-care products will destroy bacteria. Check the labels of the products you normally use.

All of the services required for proper maintenance of your septic tank system can be provided by Ace Septic Pumping.

Locating Your Tank and Lines

If you do not know where your tank is located, don't worry! We have a solution to that problem! We flush a small electronic sending unit and then we can tell where your tank and lines are located.

When a Simple Septic Tank Pumping Just Won't Do - More Complex Problems

If your problem is more complex, all is not lost! There are alternative repairs that can be made to in-ground breakdowns. These problems can be identified by an on-screen visual aid which can be easily viewed by you and explained by us so that you can have a better understanding of the complication that has occurred in your system.


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